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‘The concern should be

whether they truly seek God’

Rule of St Benedict, Chapter 58

Monastic life can be found in different cultures and faiths throughout the world.  It has even been described as a human archetype; a potentiality dwelling inside each of us. Within Christianity, in one form or another, it is as old as the Church itself. At its core is a single-minded, disciplined, and corporate search for the ‘mercy of God’ (Rule of St Benedict).

As a way of life it is often romanticised and stereotyped; images of cowled figures, gothic architecture and ethereal chant readily come to mind. Although it may have some of these aspects, the life and spirituality of a monastic community aspires after an ideal thoroughly grounded in the ordinary realities of everyday life.

And it’s important to bear in mind that monks and nuns do not arrive at the door as fully-formed saints. We’re not an elite club; we’re students in the ‘school of the Lord’s service’ (RB). All that is asked of us is that we allow ourselves to be transformed into the likeness of Christ, from one degree of glory to the next. It’s a lifetime’s work, it’s not easy, and no one graduates. But the reward is hundredfold.

If you are interested in experiencing this life at first-hand, either for a limited period of time and/or as someone exploring a vocation, we would be pleased to hear from you. For more information see the two “routes” below.

Aidan and Adrian
Jessica and Thomas

Are you exploring a gap-year, a career-break, or feel the need for a deeper grounding in the faith? Mucknell Abbey is offering the opportunity to spend between 3 and 12 months living alongside a monastic community. Click the button to find out more.

Alongsider programme

Are you discerning a call to life as a professed nun or monk, but not sure where to start? Click the button to find out more. 

Monastic vocation