Themed weekend retreats - Mucknell Abbey
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Themed weekend retreats

Although we mostly provide for individual retreats, this year some of the brothers and sisters at Mucknell are offering four themed weekend retreats on a range of topics.

19 – 11 August, English Mystics (Sr Alison)

There was a flowering of spiritual writers in the 14th and first half of the 15th century England. They are known as the “English Mystics”. Many people have heard of Julian of Norwich but not necessarily of Walter Hilton, Richard Rolle, the anonymous author of “The Cloud of Unknowing”, or Marjory Kempe.

This retreat will introduce each of these authors and give space to reflect upon some of their writings. There will be group sessions to familiarise everyone with the life story of each mystic and to share any reflections (that folk wish to share) from the spaces in between – which should give room for being, reading, walking, thinking and praying. There will also be opportunity for one-to-one conversations with Sr Alison.

The retreat takes place against the background of the Mucknell Abbey’s everyday life. Participants are invited to join the Community for some, or all, of our daily Offices and the daily Eucharist. The weekend is not a “full immersion” in the English Mystics, so readings etc. at services and at meal times will not necessarily follow the theme of the retreat. The Community is a mixed one – men and women, Anglican and Methodist, younger and older…

This retreat is an introduction. All are welcome but those already familiar with the work of the English Mystics may wish to bring their own reading to reflect upon and a willingness to help others discover what they have already found.

11 – 13 October, Journeying with William Law (Br Patrick)

If the 18th century mystic William Law is known today, it is for his book A Serious Call, which had a great effect on the young John Wesley, and on others looking for God in the often unserious and ungodly 18th century. Less well known is that later in his life, Law came to a radically different vision of the grace and love of God, a vision that might have something to say in our own day, where the only growing religions seem to be imbued with a fundamentalism that may be serious, but which can often lack the spirit of love.

If you are interested in attending any of these please write to the Bookings Secretary or email . Please note, bookings are not taken by telephone. Spaces are limited, so it is best to book in advance!

COST: a non-returnable booking fee of £35. A donation is invited for the board and lodging over the weekend [ guide £100 ]. However, we do not wish to exclude anybody on the grounds of cost.