The Community - Mucknell Abbey
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The Community

The Community with our Visitor, Bishop Anne of Aston, at the Solemn Profession of Br Jonathan

‘How good and pleasant it is

when people live together in unity’

The Society of the Salutation of Mary the Virgin at Mucknell Abbey is an Anglican Benedictine community of monks and nuns based in Worcestershire.

Through the one Spirit all Christians are members of the Body of Christ. As in a human body different parts perform different functions, so as Benedictines we make our own particular contribution to its growth and well-being. We do this primarily through our commitment to daily liturgical prayer, hospitality, and the living-out of a life in common. Our hope is to be a sign of God’s abiding presence in the world; a city set on a (modest) hill.

At our foundation in 1941 we were given the particular task of interceding for the unity of the Church, and for the coming of God’s kingdom here on earth. Today we maintain a deeply held commitment to ecumenism, and in more recent times have sought to address in whatever ways we can the ecological crisis facing our world. For without a habitable planet, there will be no future kingdom.

Our day-to-day life is a holistic balance of prayer and manual work (in Latin ora et labora), which includes everything from mopping the floors and baking bread, to chopping firewood and growing courgettes. We also run a small guesthouse and incense-making business, “write” icons, and provide pastoral support to our guests and visitors.


Who’s Who

The Community currently comprises nine members in Solemn Vows, two in Simple Vows, and one Alongsider.

Rt Rev’d Br Thomas (Abbot; elected 2017)

Very Rev’d Br Philip (Prior)

Rt Rev’d Br Stuart

Br Anthony

Rev’d Br Ian

Rev’d Sr Alison (Novice Guardian)

Br Michäel

Br Jonathan (Guest Brother)

Br Adrian

Sr Jessica

Virginia (Alongsider)