Retreats & Quiet Days - Mucknell Abbey
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Retreats & Quiet Days


‘Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ’

Rule of St. Benedict

Benedict assures us that ‘guests are never wanting in a monastery’, and it is our pleasure to welcome many hundreds of guests and visitors each year who want to share in the rhythm and atmosphere of our life here at Mucknell.

Stay in our guest wing and immerse yourself for up to a week in the Benedictine way of life. Click on ‘Retreats’ to find out more…

Don’t have time for a retreat? Quiet Days are the perfect opportunity to draw aside for a little while from all the noise & busy-ness of everyday life. Click on ‘Quiet Days” to find out more…

To book a Retreat or Quiet Day please email 

If you’ve been unable to find a date that suits you and would like to be notified of any last minute cancellations, then please see below.

Note this is not a method of booking! 

Get notice of last minute retreats to suit your diary

Select the month(s) you're interested in and follow the two-stage subscription process.

Important information

The Mucknell Abbey Community operates the standard Safeguarding Policy required by the Church of England for its recognised Religious Communities. This can be downloaded here.

For anyone thinking of organising a visit, Quiet Day or Retreat at the monastery, either for themselves or on behalf of another, we request that any vulnerable adults or children under the age of 18 be accompanied by a responsible adult, carer, or family member.

The monastery is wheelchair accessible and for anyone with mobility problems there is an appropriate room available on the ground floor. However, we regret that we do not have the training or availability to offer personal care during your visit or stay.


For more information please visit the Diocescan Safeguarding page at

In accordance with new legislation on Data Protection we have drawn up a new policy document which can be accessed here. As a potential visitor it explains what information we keep, for what purposes, and for how long.