October 2019

Welcome to October’s digest. As Br. Aidan is away for a couple of weeks, Sr. Jessica is looking after the news updates…hopefully without breaking the website entirely!

From Monday 30th Sep to Saturday 5th Oct, we had one of our two yearly Community Retreat weeks. On this occasion, we were very blessed to be led through the week by David Runcorn, who spoke to us from various Gospel stories involving boats and water, on the overall theme “Into the Deep”.

Prior to the Retreat Week, as mentioned at the end of last month’s digest, we had spent a week hosting the Anglican Religious Life twitter account. We weren’t really sure what to expect from the week, but had lined up a variety of topics around our life and work here, and it ended up being great fun. We had lots of positive interactions, both on and offline, including someone approaching Br. Stuart on a train to ask if he was from Mucknell, as they’d been following our tweets!

On Sunday 6th Br Michaël was once again on the road to Canterbury for his icon course, followed out of the door on Monday 7th by Abbot Thomas going to the annual meeting for leaders of Anglican Religious Communities, and Br Aidan heading north to Whitby and the Order of the Holy Paraclete for a meeting of brothers and sisters in first profession from different communities. We look forward to hearing all the news when they return!

Saturday 12th – Most of our wanderers have now returned, and it’s been good to hear news from the various communities present at the conference attended by Abbot Thomas. The leaders of the communities, as well as discussing various documents, heard from Fr. Richard Peers, who is currently Director of Education for Liverpool Diocese, and whose blog, Quodcumque, has all sorts of interesting articles.

We are also hosting the last of our themed retreat weekends this weekend, with Br. Patrick leading a group on a journey with William Law, an 18th Century non-juror, whose “personal integrity, as well as mystic and theological writing greatly influenced the evangelical movement of his day”. With session titles including ‘Mild Dottiness’, ‘The Abyss’ and ‘The Glassy Sea’, the community are as intrigued as our guests!