Friends Association - Mucknell Abbey
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Friends Association

What is the Friends Association?

The Friends Association brings together those who believe in the values affirmed by St Benedict and who wish to support our monastic life at Mucknell in whatever way they can: by friendship and prayer; by assisting from time-to-time in the work of the Community, or by helping with fundraising.

The Friends Association newsletter is sent out twice a year, usually at Advent and in May, and periodically we hold special events to which members of the Friends Association are particularly welcome.

Mucknell Abbey

Members page: Friends Association newsletters

Joining the Friends Association

If you would like to join the Friends Association or renew your subscription, you can contact Br Adrian using the online form below.

Alternatively you can write to him: Br Adrian, Friends Association, Mucknell Abbey, Mucknell Farm Lane, Stoulton, Worcestershire, WR7 4RB.

There is no fixed subscription and members are invited to contribute what they can on a regular basis.