Enock's Encomium - Mucknell Abbey
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Enock’s Encomium

Last Saturday we bid our farewells to Enock, a member ecumenical Community of St Anselm (CoSA). For several years now we have been blessed to welcome members of CoSA for an extended stay of three to four weeks as they deepen their experience and knowledge of the monastic way of life. Here Enock, an Anglican from South Sudan, reflects on his time with us. The joy and the smiles he talks about were probably for the most part a response to his own!

“Before I came to Mucknell Abbey I heard people talk of its beauty. But after I had lived here for a month I noticed its beauty much more than what I heard from people.

While walking in the garden, I saw the beauty of nature – flowers, birds singing, deer running and, one occasion, hares entertaining us while we watched them from a distance.

I have seen the love of God in everything here. I’m so impressed with the care and love of each member of the Community and I was enormously blessed by each of them, one way or another.

Their smiles and laughter have been my source of joy.

If there is one peaceful environment I have ever visited, it would be Mucknell Abbey. I experienced quietness, and it helped me encounter God.

Returning to London I will miss everyone here, and will always remember the clear voice of God in a peaceful environment where I encountered Him”.